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Free walking tours!? What's that about?

There's a special story behind every city in Canada and we believe you shouldn't have to pay just to hear or learn about it!  

Our guides love the cities they work in and love sharing their knowledge, history and tips with people from around the world wanting to see the city from a locals point of view. The tours are curated and lead entirely by your guides so all you have to do is walk, listen and enjoy.  

At the end if you enjoyed the tour and think the guide deserves a tip feel free to donate what you think is fair.  If you can't afford to, no worries.  

Simple as that!

Fun Nights Out!

Local watering holes, great drinks, live music and good people!

Looking for a night out but you're not in your own city...or just looking for a night out?  Don't worry, we've got you!  Come out make some new friends and have a great night with us!

You'll get exclusive drink specials, no cover fees, VIP entrance and our forever wristband all while visiting the hottest local spots in town! Add a bunch of like minded people with a stylish wristband and you've got the ingredients of a great night!  Don't forget, if you keep your forever wristband on, you can come back out with us in any city, anytime we're out without having to buy another wristband to join!

We’ve launched in Victoria BC and Vancouver is next.

 Limited availability each night!

Things To Take Note & Stuff You Should Know Before You Go

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