A launch, a map, a new city, oh my!

We're launching!

  • We're launching our first pub crawl in Victoria, BC on December 19th!  
  • Tickets are now available!  Don't miss out, get yours now as there are limited tickets available each night!

What's new?

We'll be releasing our Local Hot Spot map and guide for Victoria BC in the next few weeks. It'll have all the best pubs, restaurants, sweet treats and other hot spots locals love in Victoria.

  • Whether you're a local or visiting, if you're into seeing the city from a locals perspective, all the local watering holes and favourite spots, you'll definitely want to hit up as many of them as you can!

What's coming up?

Our Vancouver, BC launch will be early 2020 and then we're jumping all the way to Ontario to begin our East coast launches!

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